I found this article at the same time I found Goodtime Charlie.  I had completely forgotten ever writing it.  From comments attached to the article, I figure it was written around March 1963.  The comments were by James Leo Herlihy, the author of Midnight Cowboy and a friend.  I must have sent the article to him. 


He wrote, “I like your article very much indeed.  I read it twice.  It is true and important.  I wish you well with it.


"I am not sure your self-revelation is important enough to the article.  I mean the article stands without it.  You can tell your personal stories in the article without discussing whether or not you are a homosexual.  But perhaps you want to.  I am only pointing out that that specific piece of information is not particularly necessary and might even weaken what it means to strengthen.”


Although James Leo Herlihy’s comments were laudatory, I don't believe I showed the piece to anyone else.  Perhaps I did send it to Byron Dobell at Esquire magazine.  I truly can't remember.  At any rate, the possibility of having such an article published in 1963 was minimal. MORE...







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